If you really want to achieve your New Year’s resolutions this year try adopting the following seven-step approach.

Step 1. Set yourself ONE major resolution that YOU are wholly committed to achieving.

Too many people make a list of vague generalities that they think would be good to achieve without ever feeling any deep emotional commitment to them, or they set resolutions according to other people’s expectations.

It is much better to make one single resolution and focus your whole attention on achieving it.

Step 2. Ask yourself what you would be willing to give up in order to achieve your goal.

For example you may want to learn a new language, but would you be willing to cut down on the amount of time you spend watching television in order to achieve that goal? More specifically are there any particular programmes that you would be willing to stop watching so that you can make time to study?

Every benefit comes with a cost. If you are not willing to pay the cost of giving something up in order to achieve your goal then you should not make that goal your New Year’s resolution.

Step 3. Be specific.

Most people’s New Year’s resolutions are couched in the vaguest of terms. You need to be as specific as possible in order to maintain your focus. Make sure your goals are challenging but achievable, measurable and fixed within a clear time frame. If you plan to lose weight, how much, and by when?

Step 4. Set some short term goals.

Cut up your big aim into a series of smaller steps to help you stay motivated.

Step 5. Keep track of your progress.

Write everything down, including your short term goals and keep a record of your progress. Make a point of ticking off your short term goals as you achieve them.

This way you will continually spur yourself on with renewed motivation each time you complete one of the small steps towards your larger goal.

Step 6. Treat yourself.

Write out a scheme of rewards for each completed step on the way to fulfilling your resolution. Knowing that you will be able to treat yourself to a particular reward on achieving the goal will give you further incentive to achieve it!

Step 7. Go public!

Make yourself publicly accountable for your resolutions. Go and tell your friends and family, or set up a blog and go public with your resolution and the progress you make towards it.

This is one of the best ways to ensure that you will make more of an effort to achieve your goal!

David Hurley -
About the Author:

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