Newly Industrialised Countries are offering increasingly lavish levels of luxury for tourists, making the choice of destination for todays holidymaker wider than ever before.. Indeed, this new-found wealth offers a blinding contrast when set against a backdrop of traditional culture. The far east caters for a diverse range of needs, allowing the holidaymaker to divide their time between visiting ancient ruins and relaxing in luxurious five-star hotels.

 China holidays offer a society rich in culture alongside accommodation to satisfy the most beleaguered of travellers The Great Wall of China’s impressive four thousand mile path across Asian landscape is an attraction that draws millions of tourists. Built during the Qin dynasty, the imposing structure is reputedly visible from space. I will concede that is conjecture and not proven fact, but what is inadmissable is the spectacle when seen at ground level. Conversely, if sight-seeing doesn’t get you excited, then why not try searching!Thailand holidays? Despite having a similar rich cultural heritage, Thailand prides itself on proverbial white sandy beaches and lively nightlife. The Full Moon party in Koh Phangan is a Mecca for serious party animals, and provides a night that is guaranteed not to disappoint!

If the far east ticks all the boxes but you are reluctant to visit an emerging holiday destination, try Mauritius holidays. The flawless beaches are very much evident around the island, as are snippets of Mauritian culture, although the focus is very much on promoting tourism. There are inevitably drawbacks to the volume of tourism, mainly to the once peaceful sandy shores which brought the holiday-makers in the first place. Indeed, I was almost surprised by the lack of donkeys trawling up and down the beach. Indeed, I was almost surprised by the absence of a pier! The crowded beaches have inevitably seen the emergence of trinket sellers, hassling sunbathers for their share in the profits of tourism. However, their demeanour is jovial and a firm refusal will see you left in peace. But don’t let my cynicism deter you, as I must confess to preferring unusual holiday destinations away from trashy tourist-centred development or garish advertising. The choice is certainly diverse enough to cater for all, whatever your taste or budget.

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